What is MP3C?

MP3C - Medical Psychiatry Collaborative Care Certificate - is a University of Toronto accredited continuing professional development program. It is aimed at building capacity for integrated and collaborative care in healthcare teams and individual providers and focuses on education resources for healthcare providers to better equip them to assess and manage patients with co-existing physical and mental health needs.

MP3C curriculum is built on seven core program competencies that inform individual module objectives and learning outcomes.

Who should take MP3C?

  • All healthcare teams and providers, for example: Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers, Occupational and Physical Therapists, Dietitians, Pharmacists etc. and
  • Administrators and managers in primary care, hospitals, long-term care and community care settings who are focused on providing care for patients and families to address complex care issues, with particular focus on co-existing physical and mental health needs
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Summary of Impact

Over 500 Inter-professionals including physicians, nurses, social workers, Occupational & physio therapists, radiation therapists, pharmacists, dietitians, leaders, administrators and healthcare students have taken MP3C courses and workshops:

Feedback from MP3C participants:

  • 93% have found MP3C sessions to be a valuable use of their time
  • 92% would recommend MP3C to a colleague
  • 89% plan to attend another MP3C session
Some Comments from Past Participants:

"It has been wonderful being part of this program and community. It has made such a difference in my practice, in my confidence and even opened up opportunities at work and future grad program because of my learnings and experiences."

 "I will be sure to utilize collaborative care planning process with clients alongside incorporating standardized tools.."

 "Information was directly relevant to my clinical practice"

 "Very practical  - tools and ideas gave me confidence"

 "Supportive and engaging learning environment"